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Founded by Mike R. in 2017, Quality Wraps is a Avery Certified vinyl wrap shop located in Smyrna, GA. With a background in both Business Management and Electrical Engineering, Mike always loved the challenge of solving problems and applying critical thinking skills. After completing his Bachelor's Degree, he accepted a position at Lockheed Martin as the lead Display Systems engineer on the C-130J Super Hercules program. After several years of working for such an enormous company, he realized that he wanted to provide a level of service and attention to detail that could not be delivered when you are a small piece of the puzzle with almost 100,000 employees!


To satisfy his desire to express both his artistic vision and mathematical precision, Mike decided to pursue his passion of vinyl installation, where perfection and artistry would be recognized rather than getting lost in the big picture. Being Certified and having worked along side some of the most reputable names in the industry, Mike and his team of professionals ensure to follow standard installation procedures and use the highest quality wrap products.

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