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Personal vehicle wraps are also know as "Color Changes". Color change wraps are the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to customize the color and style of your vehicle. Color change wraps allow you to temporarily change the color of your vehicle with absolutely no damage to the OEM paint underneath. In fact, color change wraps protect your vehicle from rock chips, fading paint and minor abrasions.


Most color change wraps cover the painted surface area that is visible while all the doors and the trunk are closed. Areas such as doorjambs, are typically not wrapped as part of a standard color change but can certainly covered at an additional cost




Once the final color/design is chosen, we ask that the vehicle be washed at least 48 hours prior to the appointment date. Once at our facility, the prep process begins. We start be removing  any trims and/or bumpers, headlights, taillights, door handles etc. The entire vehicle is wiped down to remove any loose dirt or dust, followed by a clay bar to ensure that the surface is fully prepped and has no tar or road grime. Lastly we prep the entire vehicle with Isopropyl alcohol and begin wrapping! 

Typically, a full color change takes 4-5 days to complete but times can vary depending on materials used, disassembly required, etc. 



Most vehicle wraps require same level of care as a traditional paint job and should be washed regularly using a clean sponge or soft wash cloth. Wraps with a different finish (satin or matte), require special attention since they can stain easily. We recommend applying Nano Technology Coating to matte finishes to help preserve their appearance. 

It is best to avoid automatic car washes which may be too rough on the material. For spot cleaning, we recommend an instant detailer such as Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Detailer or isopropyl alcohol followed by a cool water rinse. 

In order to preserve the wrap as long as possible, it is best to avoid excessive amounts of time under the sun or other outdoor elements. If you must park it outside for prolonged periods, look for shady parking areas.

When cleaning your wrap, AVOID the following:

  • Solvents

  • Oil based cleaners

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaners

  • Oven cleaner

  • Orange Oil

  • Engine Degreaser



We offer a warranty on installation and workmanship (peeling, cracking or lifting) for the life of the wrap. Life expectancy of a premium color change wrap varies depending on manufacturer, color, finish etc. Typically a quality material is warrantied for 3-5 years for vertical exposure and 1-3 years for non-vertical exposure (hood, roof etc.). If the wrap begins to change color rapidly, darkening or cracking, it should be removed immediately. 



"You get what you pay for" is especially true for color change wraps. The pricing on each job is different and varies depending on sever factors:


  • Coverage desired

  • Design

  • Disassembly required

  • Materials used

  • Original color of the vehicle

  • Vehicle size and shape


Typically, premium color change wraps range from $2,500 to $3,500.


Contact us for a quote today!


  • Relatively low cost compared to a high quality paint job

  • Minimal down time (typically 1-5 days)

  • Large variety of options (color/finish/design)

  • Easily removable

  • Protects your paint from light scratches and UV damage raising resale value

  • Digital design


  • Have a much shorter turn around time. Wraps can be installed in anywhere from a couple of hours to just a few days

  • Can be removed in just several hours

  • Replacement of damaged sections can be done easily and quickly

  • Maintains original color therefore upholding resale value



Partial Wraps

In addition to solid color changes, your vehicle can be customized with any mix of vinyl or graphic designs you can dream up and can include stripes, decals and other wrap accents like mirror, roof, spoiler and rocker panel wraps (and many others).



Whether you are looking for Mustang Racing Stripes or small accent pieces to set you apart from the rest, we can take care of your needs.  We install customized stripes in any color or finish using quality materials and pin point accuracy. 



Give you car a new look with a gloss black roof or a satin hood. We offer custom wrap options in any color or finish to give your car a unique look.


  • Cost effective

  • Update the look of your vehicle and stand out from the rest

  • Large selection of colors and finishes

  • Quick turn around time

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